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am I a weirdo?




Age// 16


Location// pawtucket


Bands// from autumn to ashes, afi, nirvana, linkin park, queen, hanson,metallica, alexisonfire, lamb of god

Song// right now- Time is Running Out- Muse

Movies// Edward Scissor Hands, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, 16 Candles, Princess Bride, Labrynth

Place// thayer street, providence ri. New York

Books// Wicked: The life and times of the Wicked witch of the West by Gregory Miguire

Pair of Shoes// my anarchy chucks

Clothes// my red plaid pants, my skirts and my old band t-shirts

Food// pepporoni pizza, buffalo chicken. can any one say heart burn?

Beverage// dr.pepper

Friend and why// hmph..guy friend: my boyfriend john. and my girls kt and jen there always there for me and tell me the truth even if it might hurt me but they always know what to say.

Celebrity// Idina Menzel, my idol and god gift to broadway.

Do you...

Drink? noppers. alchohalism runs in the family so I make sure to stay clear of it

Smoke? noppers

Do drugs? only when sick, like medicine.

Play video games? but of course. Im currently hooked on Mario Sunshine.

Have an Imaginary Friend? mhm his name is billy. ::looks around:: billy? whered you go?..okay maybe I dont. ::sigh::

Promote this community somewhere and tell us where// my journal without_a_soul and at my other journal xwickedxwitchx

Two or more Pictures//

 me hiding under my boyfriends blanket


 haha me being "intimidating' ;)


as soon as I can find a "normal" looking photo of me ill post it but im not currently at home.



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